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New Town Toyota

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    New Town Toyota

The brief

Although New Town Toyota has been selling new Toyotas for 25 years and winning many customer service accolades along the way, the dealership had low consideration outside of its PMA. Unlike its competitors New Town wasn’t a suburb or a geographical location. This had made recall, relevance and awareness difficult for the dealership. In a nutshell, we needed a campaign to address the above and sell more new Toyotas – no other measurement would be acceptable.

Our thinking

Initially seen as a weakness, we saw the non-attachment to a geographical area of ‘New Town’ to be a positive. We could be the Toyota dealership of choice for any one living in Perth. As when you are spending between $15,000 and $100,000 on a single purchase a 45-minute trip isn’t a barrier.

We just needed to give them a reason to make the drive. We needed a brand ambassador that would appeal to our broad target audience. From an 18yr female looking for her first car, a tradie needing a reliable work mate to the family SUV.

We had a Toyota for each of them but just needed them to engage with the dealership.

Andrew Embley was identified as the perfect fit. In his final year with the West Coast Eagles he had over the previous two years started to establish himself as a personality outside of AFL through other endorsements and regular television presenting.

His friendly, energetic and honest approach was captured in a series of 6 x 30 second TV spots each focusing on a specific car type – i.e. SUVs, Trade, Small cars, Medium cars, Hybrids and the dealership.

Each followed the same format and allowed for the national retail campaign to be seamlessly included.

The strategic thinking behind the segmented creative didn’t stop there. The strategy was two fold, we developed viewing profiles and patterns for each segment that enabled the media buy to be extremely cost effective. It also gave us tremendous flexibility in regards to which vehicles needed to be sold at any particular point in time.

The outcome

2013 was a record year for retail sales – objective achieved! Our consideration as a Toyota dealership of choice rose from 11th to 2nd – a tremendous improvement in just 11 months. A new campaign has been produced and is currently on air. The campaign has along with The White Room’s involvement increased to now include search and social ensuring 2014 will continue New Town Toyota’s march to the number one position.