Entering into our 9th year we thought it was the ideal time to pause, take stock of who our clients are, where do they want to go and what role are we are playing to help them get there.

After surveys and discussions with current and previous clients, key partners and our own team, we quickly realised that as much as a lot had changed, a lot had stayed the same.

Clients were more than ever seeking a direct ROI link to their marketing budget, senior executives who previously would not normally be involved in the marketing conversation were now doing so (putting more pressure on the internal marketing team), internal and external budgets were not keeping pace with the demands of digital and understanding the role of digital was still very much a source of confusion and concern. Also, was brand still relevant? (yes, this one worried us a bit!)

A lot to think about but it was exciting.

Internally we workshopped the findings and overlaid input from business, against international trends and finally our current offering, attitude and processes.

Pleasantly surprised (and a big relief to the guys with their name on the ABN certificate) we weren’t far off. However, one thing we weren’t doing well was communicating this to the market. The old adage of the landscaper having patchy grass and overgrown plants was certainly true in our situation.

We have always been huge fans and advocates of the work by effectiveness guru Peter Field. It was clear his philosophies were never truer and more applicable than they are today. They aligned with the issues and concerns clients had raised along with what was trending globally.

Combined with the experience we have from working with a diverse range of clients over the last 9 years including the West Coast Eagles, a multitude of homebuilders, car dealers, big box retailers to a host of health sector brands,  it was then time to communicate our offering in a more succinct manner and ensure our brand ID was reflective of this position. Sooooo this is where we are 🙂


Welcome Commercial Creativity.

At The White Room our purpose and complete focus is to provide creative solutions that deliver real commercial outcomes. This is what we call Commercial Creativity. The people and processes inside The White Room are completely aligned to this outcome.

We thrive on KPIs, benchmarks, goals and objectives.

We don’t hide. We don’t make excuses. We don’t pass the blame. We deliver.

Because we know that to achieve these outcomes you need commercial creativity. It’s what sets you apart, drives profit, drives business value, makes staff and suppliers want to work with you, and it gives you a sustainable competitive advantage.

The research is clear in that brands that focus on brand response campaigns have a 58% improved effect on profit compared to those who focus on direct response campaigns.

This focus on brand response campaigns not only delivers a response in the medium term with a 57% improvement in growth in share over years 1-2 but then a massive 300% improved performance for 3 plus years.

Investing in creative thinking makes great commercial sense.

If your business is driven by outcomes we’d love to talk to you.

But we didn’t stop there …


Pricing Structure

Delivering commercial creative solutions for our clients is at the core of what we do. So, we have taken the same approach when reviewing our fee and pricing model.  We believe it allows our clients to engage with us fully yet sees the majority of their investment dedicated to the areas that have the largest influence on their return.

We have developed two different price options with one at $2,200 and the other $4,400 (for a major campaign) that enables our clients to access our full creative offering at a price that is commercially focused. We’ve also developed two brand planning price models.


Trade Desk

We have been looking after our client’s digital campaigns for years. The results have always been above industry benchmarks and the team is always looking at additional channels we can explore.  Implementing a digital Trade Desk earlier this year was the logical extension. We are now able to offer our clients immediate access to programmatic digital campaigns at a lower cost, improved performance and the agility that comes from having the desk controlled inside The White Room.


A big coup

We’ve been able to secure the services of a Perth based Data Scientist who is a qualified Actuary. With over 12 years of experience, they are able to work with our clients on a project basis around data interpretation.


It’s still all about relationships

Having had a consistent team (I need to add very passionate) of 10 people over the last few years we’ve been able to develop and enjoy authentic relationships with our clients. And this doesn’t mean boozy lunches or needless chats. It means our senior people being available to spend significant time inside our client’s business. This has enabled us to truly understand what their business issues, threats, opportunities and ambitions are.


Partnerships & Collaborations

Quite often you don’t know what you are doing really well until you stop and ask (or are lucky enough to be told).

We were surprised at how much work we had done with a lot of our clients in the areas of partnerships and collaborations. And not all were directly linked to campaigns.

This work ranged from working with our client’s key suppliers to develop new ideas and funding opportunities to collaborations between clients/suppliers/friends of The White Room. Our work in this area has been extremely rewarding, enjoyable and an aspect we are excited to explore with future clients.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you 🙂 We love what we do and are extremely excited at what the future holds. Never before has the need for commercial creativity been more crucial for a business to enjoy sustainable growth and success.


If you’d like to talk about how we deliver Commercial Creativity, please get in touch with jon@thewhiteroomagency.com.au