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We move people…

to call, to visit, to laugh, to share, to love, to buy.

Whether it’s new homes, cars, coffee machines, x-rays, insurance, an employer of choice or your beloved football team, here at The White Room we combine the sciences of technology and data with the engagement and connectivity of art to move more people, more often.

Throughout this site you’ll see snippets of the work we’ve done and hear about the people it’s moved.

If you’d like to know more we’d love to tell you.





Jon Sharp

Jon Sharp

Managing Director

Industry Experience: 13 years

As the Managing Director of The White Room, Jon brings an exceptional breadth of experience to the agency.
Jon is a strategic thinker and has been central to the continued growth of many leading brands, from hard-edged retail advertising to high-end branding campaigns.
Building on 13 years of industry experience, Jon is passionate about establishing The White Room as a professional and creative agency with it’s sole focus the success of its clients.

With Jon as Managing Director you can expect exceptional leadership, insight and the progress of your brand.

Damon Pattinson

Damon Pattinson

Creative Director

Industry Experience: 12 years

After studying a BA Arts (Fine Arts Major) and a BA Design (Advertising Major) at Curtin University, national and international collectors sought his art, while the corporate world quickly embraced his skills.
Cutting his teeth in Perth’s most creatively-driven advertising agencies, Damon soon established himself as an innovative Art Director and creative talent. A skilled conceptual thinker, designer, leader and motivator, he is the driving force behind The White Room’s powerful creative presence.

Supporting the Arts
Recognising that his own art education was integral to his development as an accomplished creative, Damon is a keen supporter of local emerging and established artists. You can expect his presence at anything art related, keeping his finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s creative talent.

Massimo Galardi

Massimo Galardi

Head of Digital Applications

Industry Experience: 11 years

Massimo’s passion is his profession with over 11 years of social media and digital experience across Europe and Australia. In addition to a deep understanding of the role social media plays in our lives he also possesses the ability to build online campaigns that deliver real business outcomes. As a social media strategist Massimo stays ahead of the curve ensuring our clients’ brands are part of the conversation and utilising technology to drive campaign objectives. Massimo heads up a passionate digital team with experience across SEO, SEM, social and online campaigns.

He’d love you to connect, like or tweet him to discuss your brand’s online reputation.

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity

From logo creation to the full suite of a brand’s touch points, our meticulous attention to detail ensures the visual elements of a brand are aligned with its strategic direction and tone.

Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

We believe it’s essential that an agency who develops brand stories must also have an intimate knowledge of people’s information and entertainment consumption habits. At The White Room we enjoy well-established relationships with Perth’s leading media companies so that we can offer our clients a unique and powerful combination of relationship driven media opportunities and research driven insights and recommendations.

Social Media

Social Media

Building your brand, gaining loyal clients and improving sales are all a like, share, comment and tweet away. At The White Room it’s not only a passion, we also have the right tools and strategies to develop engaging, relevant and unique campaign ideas that integrate social and traditional media for our clients.

Radio, TVCs & Brand Content Production

Radio, TVCs & Brand Content Production

We love bringing our brand stories to life through quality creative production. From cool and quirky Moments to big brand launch TVCs – we do it all and do it well. We have in-house equipment and experience for small projects and fantastic relationships with Perth’s leading production teams, talent agencies, sound engineers, animators and edit gurus for the big jobs.



A significant amount of our people moving these days is through www. Rich media ads, email marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM or an engaging informative website that transitions seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile, we do it all day every day at The White Room. Boasting an eclectic and multi-dimensional skill set, we can deliver innovative solutions for your online marketing challenges.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

These days, marketers talk a lot about “Big Data,” however this is useless if you can’t analyse it correctly and effectively. The White Room uses market research, media performance data, competitor’s media activity and post campaign analysis to constantly monitor the performance and growth of our clients.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

It’s not enough for a brand to look good. If it doesn’t ‘stick’ in the mind of the target or stand out among it’s competitors, it’s redundant. At The White Room we follow a disciplined process that examines all aspects of a brand from competitors to customers in order to develop a truly unique and sustainable position.



In an increasingly digital age, printed catalogues still remain a powerful marketing medium – now driving consumers not only to brick and mortar stores but also online. For whatever business you’re in, when it comes to catalogues The White Room can manage the whole process. Conception, production, printing and distribution.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Specialising in investor relations and consumer facing brands, we understand that your brand’s reputation is everything! We work to understand your business and stakeholders so that we can build, maintain and manage your reputation and relationships with your audience through tailored, two-way communications.

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Care at TWR


Wanted. Clever dicks who care.

You need to be smart, passionate and driven if you want to join our team.

But that’s a given. Ad agencies are crawling with copywriters who can turn out a killer pun and execs who talk the talk.

What we want are people who care. Really care.

We need account men and women and creatives who care about our clients and their success, our results, our partners and the agency’s reputation.

This means taking the time to understand our clients’ businesses. Not simply what they do or sell but their industries and their marketplaces

By identifying opportunities, threats and emerging trends you will be able to provide better advice for their brands.

And you’ll become an asset to their business which in turn will make you an asset to The White Room.

Your opinion will be valued and your advice sought on any brand or communication issue.

So if you join us you will spend time in display homes, you will go through the process of buying a new car, you will be reading consumer blogs and Facebook posts.

In short, you’ll be asking a lots of questions.

Keeping your eye on the prize
Playing the blame game is not our bag. Nor do we accept what others accept.

We want only one thing for our clients.

We want them to be number one.

This means you’ll have to be bold and brave, you’ll have to push the envelope, you’ll have to find better, more innovative ways of getting a job done.

And you will keep your eye on the prize.

Too many in our industry are distracted by noise – by the shimmer of awards, the buzz of attending media events, the cache of having the most LinkedIn connections.

Your most rewarding professional achievements will the critical role you play in driving a client’s business to the top.

You will be known as someone who delivers.

Profitable partnerships
At The White Room we talk a lot about partnering our clients in their success.

But we never forget the contribution of our suppliers.

Suppliers often miss out on the glory of a great campaign. However, without them our creative work and our ability to put out a message would be much the poorer.

So you must never think of them as mere providers of a service because they’ll have no buy-in, no sense of ownership or responsibility.

You must regard the deep pool of talent we draw upon, from printers to producers, animators to actors, as members of our team.

And you must demand they share the TWR Care ethos.

The more we engage with our suppliers the better the result will be for our clients and the greater the rewards will be for their businesses.

Reputation is everything
We care about what people think about us.

We care how we are perceived by our peers, our partners, our clients and each other.

Which is why at all times we conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty.

These are our core values, our mission statement, what we hang on to when things get confusing in this era of disruption and disconnection.

If you don’t care knock on another door. There are plenty who don’t.

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We would love to meet and discuss how we can work with you and your brand.
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